(♡ 05.01.2005 - ✞ 11.08.2017)

Born: 5th January 2005 in Canada
Height: 28 cm
Eye illness (ECVO): Unaffected (24.02.2011) (15.02.2007)
Patella Luxation: 0 - 0, Normal (Free of patella luxation)
Litters: 4, with a total of 16 offsprings (6 males / 10 females)
Father: Fwaggles Tap Man At Burmack
Mother: Fwaggles Mata Hari

Breeder: Kennel Fwaggle · Amanda and Wendy Kelly · Cananda

Marilyn' Titles and Achievements:
International Champion, confirmed by FCI
Champion of Nordic countries
Champion of Norway
Champion of Sweden
Champion of Denmark
Champion of Canada
Champion of Poland 

World Winner 2006
Norwegian Winner 2006
Polish Winner 2006
Swedish Winner 2008
Terrier list of the year 2006, Nr. 16

Fwaggles Some Like It Hot
Fwaggles Tap Man At Burmack
Saint Lazar's Klay
Saint Lazar's Raisin Pie
Saint Lazar's Action Jackson
Saint Lazar's Raisin Bran
Saint Lazar's Karmen
Wateroak's Carmaron Gigolo
Golden Scoop's Kassandra
Fwaggles U Wanna Dance
Renreh Unrivaled
Renreh Quincy
Charmaron's O'Keefe V Porcia
Golden Scoops Toni
Golden Scoop's Going My Way
Aurora's Traci Of Golden Scoops
Fwaggles Mata Hari
Rosewood Fast And Furious
Rosewood Rebellion At Brubec
Rosewood Rowdy Rebel
Rosewood Goldfinger
Rosewood Maybe
Rosewood Knots Tomorrow
Just A Mt Oaks Truffle
Burmack Fwaggles Eastern Star
Renreh Unrivaled
Renreh Quincy
Charmaron's O'Keefe V Porcia
Deion's Best Kept Secret
Salutaire Take It Easy
Salutaire Secret Love II