Home Country: United Kingdom

Head: The skull is long, flat, narrow, wedge-shaped with tight little the lips.

Eyes: small, almond-shaped, sparkling and dark.

Ears: Small, V-shaped end, carried clearly across the skull and hang close to the head above the eyes.

Teeth: Scissor bite.

Neck: Relative long neck slightly arched, dry.

Body: Short with well sprung ribs, deep and narrow chest, slightly arched topline, whippety.

Bone: Dry, well-sloped shoulders, straight forelegs, is well under dog. The hind legs strong and muscular, well angled parallel.

Feet: Small, hare, strong, well-arched toes, which elongated.

Tail: Short, employed back line extension, carried hanging and not higher than the topline.

Movement: Parallel, free, ground covering, with great thrust.

Coat: Tight fitting, smooth, short, hard and shiny.

Color: Black and Tan.

Height: Ideal height for males 40-41 cm and 38 cm for

Summary of the breed standard: Manchester terrier to be compactly built, healthy, attractive and have light movements

It is lively, alert, happy and sporty.