Home Country: United Kingdom

Head: Long, wedge-shaped, with narrow, flat skull, easy stop, tight, black pigmented lips and black nose.

Eyes: small, almond-shaped, oblique, dark as possible.

Ears: Shaped like the flame of a candle, light tapered, thin and high, of the inside facing forward.

Teeth: Scissor bite.

Neck: Long, elegant, slightly arched.

Body: Compact body, very lightly curved ridge line from shoulder to root of tail. Deep and narrow chest with well sprung ribs, well tucked up loins.

Bone: Well angulated shoulders, vertical front legs, lightly boned, well angled hindquarters with hocks well let down.

Feet: Compact, well arched. The two middle toes on the front feet are somewhat longer than the other. Cat Paws on its hind legs.

Tail: Set low and does not reach below the hock.

Movement: Supple, light and precise with good drive.

Coat: Thick, dense and shiny. Adjacent and cards.

Color: Black and Tan.

Height: Ideal height 25-30 cm.

Weight: 2.7 to 3.6 kg.

Summary of the breed standard: English Toy Terrier is a compact and elegant miniature dog with terrier's temperament and character traits.