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Letohallen, Norway • 29th February 20 • National dogshow ♡

We are so gratefull that we have so many fantastic puppybuyers and team. Without you, this would only be a dream...
Manchester Terrier Judge: Igor Selimovic, Croatia
Youngster Class • Male
Tsar-Ping’s Summit 08 Bolt: Very Good
Critique: Good size, Correct line of ekxp, good topline, a little narrow behind, still missing balance, not enough drive, good temprament.

Open Class • Female
Tsar-Ping's Big Bang Vår: Excellent, CQ, BCC and BEST OF BREED
Critique: Good size and format, should be more elegant, good line of head, good topline and angulation, enough balance in movement.

Manchester Terrier • Puppy Judge: Igor Selimovic, Croatia
Puppy Class 6 - 9 months • Male
Tsar-Ping’s Brexit Bobby: Excellent, Price of honour and BEST OF OPPOSITE SEX PUPPY Critique: In development, good size and format for age, correct line of head and expression, correct topline and angulation, enough balance in movement, nice temprament.
Puppy Class 6 - 9 months • Female ↠ Tsar-Ping's Brexit Ara: Excelle…