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Letohallen, Norway • 28th December 19 • National dogshow ♡

What a fantastic ending of the dogshow year 2019! ♡
We are so gratefull that we have so many fantastic puppybuyers and team. Without you, this would only be a dream...
Manchester Terrier Judge: Andi Hudono, Indonesia
Junior Class • Female
☆ Tsar-Ping’s Summit 08 Wilma: Excellent, CQ, BCC and 2nd best female
Critique: 14 months, very nice breed type, very nice head and expression. Correct bite. Very good front and hind quarters. Correct topline and tailset, very good coat. Moves well.

Champion Class • Female
☆ Tsar-Ping's Third Edition X-Amalia: Excellent, CQ and BEST OF BREED
Critique: 5 years, very good breed type, very good body propotions and balance. Very nice head expression, correct bite, very good front and hind angulations. Correct topline and croup. Very nice coat and very good condition. Moves well.

Manchester Terrier • Puppy Judge: Andi Hudono, Indonesia
Puppy Class 4 - 6 months • Male
☆ Tsar-Ping’s Brexit Bobby: Excellent, Price of honour and BEST OF OPPOSITE SEX PUPPY Critique…