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Lillestrøm, Norway • 17th November 19 • International dogshow ♡

What a day! We cant even describe how it feels... ♡
Our Italien beauties rocked their socks of, and became BEST OF BREED and BOS.
Ofcourse we are so pleased and thankful that our puppybuyers and crew also did good with their Tsar-Ping dogs ♡
With 10 entered Manchies and to get 1st, 3rd and 4th best male, 1st best female and 2nd best junior female. Is unbeliveble ♡

Manchester Terrier
Judge: Falk-rüdiger Siewert, Germany

Junior Class - Male
☆ Tsar-Ping’s Summit 08 Bolt: Excellent, CQ, R.DCC and 4th best male
Critique: Excellent in type with good body propotions and angulations. Long small head with dark eayes and ear set. Correct in front, deep breast and good bones. Typical topline with tail. Nice colors a little bit skin problems (thin coat), Excellent movements.

Champion Class - Male
☆ Tsar-Ping's Millennium Eraak: Excellent, CQ and 3rd best male
Critique: Correct in type with good size. Small head and eyes could be darker. Excellent in front, typical angulated with deep breast. Typical topline, nice hair with good color. Typical markings and free movements.

☆ Black Idol's Rod Steward: Excellent, CQ, CACIB and BOS
Critique: Excellent in type with very good movements. Correct body and small head. Excellent earset. Tight in front with deep breast. Typical topline, with nice heir and color. Typical markings.

Junior Class - Female
☆ Tsar-Ping’s Summit 08 Wilma: Excellent, CQ and 2nd best junior female
Critique: Excellent in type, and correct in body. Typical lines and angulations with ong small head . Ears could be better. Small in front. Nice hair and colors. Typical markings.

Champion Class - Female
☆ Black Idol's Gina To Tsarping: Excellent, CQ, CACIB and BEST OF BREED
Critique: Excellent in type with good size. Excellent head and dark eyes. Small in front. Excellent angulations with good topline. Nice hair and color. Good movements.

BOB - Black Idol's Gina To Tsarping (right) • BOS - Black Idol's Rod Steward (left)
Judge:  Falk-rüdiger Siewert

 Thanks to all the judges who think so highly of our dogs

♡ - Kennel Tsar-Ping