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Letohallen, Norway ¤ 19.01.19 ♡

Manchester Terrier Judge: Günther Ehrenreich, Austria

Open Class - Female
Tsar-Ping's Big Bang Vår: VG
Critique: 3 years old, not in show condition in the moment. Strong bones, correct forchest.
Correct angulations, neat head, scissorbite, correct ears, correct black color on the body.
In movements should show more temperament.

Manchester Terrier Puppies Judge: Elisabeth Aune Moseby, Norway

4-6 months - Male 
Tsar-Ping's Summit 08 Bolt: Excellent
Critique: 4 months male with correct proportions. Correct long scull, long dry neck. Straight front legs. Wish for better chest, good topline, correct cross. Nice paws. Acceptable bone, Nice movements when he want. Nice temperament, Not in the best coat condition. Well presented

4-6 months - Female
Tsar-Ping's Summit 08 Wilma: Excellent, Price of honour and BOB PUPPY
Critique: 4 months feminine, good shape. Compact and elegant. Correct head, well placed ears. Beautiful arch of neck. Well placed sholder, Nice topline and underline. For age g…

Göteborg, Sweden ¤ 03.01.2019 ¤ Nordic Dogshow ♡

Manchester Terrier Judge: Veli-Pekka Kumpumäki, Finland
Champion Class - Male Black Idol's Rod Steward: Excellent and best champion male
Champion Class - Female Black Idol's Gina To Tsarping: Excellent and 2nd best champion female
Tsar-Ping's Third Edition X-Amalia: Excellent, CQ, Nordic BCC and BOB