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Black and Tan Funweekend in Norway 2018 ♡

We start this post by thanking everyone that was part of this AMAZING weekend.
Send a special thanks to the judges Carol Dunford (MT) and Catherine Turner (ETT).
And our puppy buyers that came, and for those who organized this weekend.

Saturday - Fun day
This day was a day loaded with lots of fun, laughter and joy.
Both the dogs and their owner was to go through multiple exercise with their dogs. And got points for every exercise.
Just to give you a hint there where sausage in water, potato race with your dog and a obstacle course and much more...

Saga and her owner Tobias ruled this day.
As they where the winner of this day with 37points.

Results of the fun day:
Saga (Tsar-Ping's Blasting Rock Saga), Manchester Terrier: 37p.
Safi (Tsar-Ping's Safi), Manchester Terrier: 24p.
Py (Tsar-Ping's A Secret Priya), Manchester Terrier: 24p.
Amalia (Tsar-Ping's Third Edition X-Amalia), Manchester Terrier: 22p.
Eraak (Tsar-Ping's Millennium Eraak), Manchester Terrier: 21p.
Nox (Black Idol's Rod Steward), Manchester Terrier: 14p.
Siggi (Tsar-Ping's Roller Coaster Sigyn), Manchester Terrier: 12p.
Kaysa (Tsar-Ping's Down Under Adelaide), Eglish Toy Terrier: 10p.
Gina (Black Idol's Gina To Tsarping), Manchester Terrier: 9p. 

Sunday - Open show
This day was the official Black and Tan Open show day.
The judges for this day was Carol Dunford judging the Manchester Terriers and Catherine Turner judging the English Toy Terriers.

Results for the Manchester Terriers
Judge: Carol Dunford (Kennel Quixol)

Open Class - Male
Tsar-Ping's Millennium Eraak: Excellent and best open male.
Critique: 2 years. Correct size, good lenght of head. Well set ears. Nice almond eyes just a shade light.Correct strong bite, good length of neck. 
Narrow front, bone in balance with size.Chest could be a little deeper. Good ribcage . Slight rise over the loin and good tuck-up.
Tail set is good. Nice muscular height. Moves strongly and keeps his outline.

Champion Class - Male
Black Idol's Rod Steward: Excellent and third best champion male
Critique: 2 years. Correct size dog. Good length of head. Well set ears. Almond eyes with just a shade light. Strong bite. 
Enough length of neck. Balanced bone to size of dog. Nice deep chest with cut-up ribs with back giving a compact outline. 
Slight rise over loin Well set tail. Strong tight muscle. Tan is good color. Markings correct. Moves soundlly behind, front a bit untidy today.

Open Class - Female
Black Idol's Gina To Tsarping: Excellent and fourth best female
Critique: 2 years. Length of head in balance with size. Good ear set and carrying of the ears. Good almond eyes.
Bite could be better. Nice length of neck. Bone in balance on leg. Deep chest. 
Well rib back slight rise over the loin. Nice bend of stifle and good width across height. 
Tail set is good. Tan markings fine. Moves straight and true held and excellent outline on the move.

Champion Class - Female
Tsar-Ping's Blasting Rock Saga: Excellent and fourth best champion female.
Critique: 3 ½ years. Correct size. Good length of head. Good ear set. Nice almond eyes.
Correct coulour. Excellent bite. Just enough length of neck. Nice shoulder placement.
Enough bone to leg. Deep chest to nice cut-up. Nice slight raise over the loin. Well set tail. Good width across height. 
Tan markings correct. Could be brighter. Moves soundly. Held her outline. Just a bit narrow in movement in back. 

Tsar-Ping's Roller Coaster Sigyn: Excellent, best female and Res. Best in Show 2018
Critique: 6 years. Correct size, enough length of head. Correct ear set. Good shaped almond eyes.
Strong bite. Good length of neck. Well laid shoulders. Bone in balance to size. Narrow front, deep chest.
Slight rise over the loin to well set tail. Enough width over height. Tan markings good coulour just beginning to fade. 
Nice compact, balanced dog. Moved soundly and straight.

Tsar-Ping's Third Edition X-Amalia: Excellent
Critique: 4 ½ years. Good  size. Lovely length of head. Nice ear set. Good almond eyes. Excellent bite.
Good depth of muzzle. Good length of neck,well laid shoulders. Bone in balance with size and leg. Nice deep chest.
Good cut-up. Nice rise over the loin. Good tail set. Excellent width and muscle to the height. 
Bright tan, markings good. Moved well when settled.
Veteran Class - Female
Tsar-Ping's A Secret Priya: Excellent and best veteran female.
Critique: 8 ½ years. Correct size. Good length of head. Earset fine. Nice dark almond eyes. Good depth of muzzle. 
Excellent bite. Nice length of neck. Nice shoulder placement. Narrow front. Just enough bone of leg. 
Deep chest. Nice cut-up. Slight rise over loin. Tail set fine and well muscled over height. 
Tan markings good just beginning to fade. Good quality of coat. Moves soundly and held her outline. 

Super Veteran Class - Female
Tsar-Ping's Safi: Excellent and third best female and Best in Show Veteran 2018
Critique: 12 years. Just over size. Lovely, long, clean head. Ears well set. Dark almond eyes.
Strongbite. Lovely length of neck. Nice flat shoulders. Naroow front. Enough bone. Nice deep chest and cut-up.
Ribs well back. Nice slight rise over loin to well set tail. Things still well muscled. Tan markings good. Color fading.

BIS - Res. BIS
BEST IN SHOW: X-Pected Dine Mites Sheldon Cooper
RES. BEST IN SHOW: Tsar-Ping's Roller Coaster Sigyn
Photo by: Kirsti Kahrs

Results for the English Toy Terriers
Judge: Catherine Turner (Kennel Kinzie)

Champion Class - Male
Tsar-Ping's James Dean: Excellent, best male and Res. Best in Show 2018
Critique: 7 years. Correct size. Excellent eye shape. Good topline. Well muscled.
Prefer slightly richer in tan. Beautiful wedge head. Fantastic nice stop. Good strong ears.
Good propotions. Fine bone. Excellent movements. Good drive. Real terrier caracteristics. Lovely dog. 

Tourist Class - Male
Tsar-Ping's Edwin Hubble: Excellent and best tourist male
Critique: 7 years. Good dentition. Lovely caracter. Nice head shape. Good kind eyes. Nice topline.
Good coat. Lovely personality. Moves well going away and coming back. Nice size in good conditions.
Happy lad.

Champion Class - Female
Tsar-Ping's Down Under Adelaide: Excellent and fourth best female.
Critique: 5 years. Beautiful traditional wedge neck. Very fine boned. Excellent condition.
Beautiful feminine head. In proportions. Good size. Lovely temperament with terrier characteristics. 
Coat is in good conditions. Good weight, well muscled. Moves confidentally away and towards.
Excellent front movements. Good example of the breed. 

Tsar-Ping's Dream Ellih Of Norway: Excellent and second best female.
Critique: 4 years. Good dentition. Good contition. Well presented. Nice topline. Correct eyes.
Lovely traditional wedge head. Well marked. Well muscled.
Very femenine, in propotions. Well balanced. Excellent movement. Good front action.
Pleasing on the eye.

Res. BIS - BIS
BEST IN SHOW :X-Pected Dine Mites
RES. BEST IN SHOW: Tsar-Ping's James Dean
Photo by: Kirsti Kahrs

 Thanks to all the judges who think so highly of our dogs

Some pictures from the weekend:
Tsar-Ping's Safi winning BIS Veteran almost 12 years old!

Tsar-Ping's Edwin Hubble

Brothers: (from left) Tsar-Ping's James Dean and Tsar-Ping's Edwin Hubble

Saga and her owner Tobias

Tsar-Ping's Blasting Rock Saga

- Kennel Tsar-Ping

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