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Copenhagen Winner 2018 ♡

Since 2009 we in Kennel Tsar-Ping have travelled every year for Copenhagen Winner show in Denmark.
And for the 10th year in a row, we in  Kennel Tsar-Ping can proudly take the title home AGAIN.

Judge: Svante Frisk, Sweden
Black Idol's Gina To Tsarping


Black Idol's Rod Steward

 Copenahagen Veteran Winner
Tsar-Ping's Touch Of Miracle Balder

Judge: Mette Sørum, Denmark
Tsar-Ping's Third Edition Idefix


Quixol Persephene Tsarping

 Copenahagen Junior Winner
Black Idol's Rod Steward

Judge: Marja Talvitie, Finland
Tsar-Ping's Roller Coaster Sigyn

2015 Judge: Alex Krasilnikoff, Denmark
Black Idol's Demi Moore
Judge: Seamus Oates, Irland
Quixol Persephene Tsarping

Judge: Zsuzsanna Petik, Hungary
Black Idol's Demi Moore
Judge: J. Bode-Van De Meeberg,…

Rogaland, Norway ¤ 15.09.2018 ¤ International Dog Show ♡

On a very rainfull day in Orre, Rogaland the results where over the moon.

Manchester Terrier Judge: Svein Bjarne Helgesen, Norway

Champion Class - Male
Black Idol's Rod Steward: Excellent, CQ, CACIB and BOB
Critique: Excellent head and expression, Very good neck and topline, well-bodyed, good angulation, very free typical movements.

Open Class - Female
Black Idol's Gina To Tsarping: Excellent, CQ, BCC, CACIB and BOS
And since she became Champion, she automaticlly becomes NEW CHAMPION OF SWEDEN ♡
Critique: Excellent type and balance, excellent head and feminine expression, very good neck and topline, good angulation, very good movements but could be more free in movements behind.

Sadly we don't have a BOB / BOS picture, but we where able to get a Champion picture of Gina

 Thanks to all the judges who think so highly of our dogs  ♡

♡ - Kennel Tsar-Ping