Friday, 8 January 2016

1 week old ♡

Today our puppies are 1 week old ♡
 And is putting on good weight this week.

From 225 grams to 516 grams

From 273 grams to 511 grams

Both puppies are reserved

Tsar-Ping's Yggdrasil Shadow
Ridgefaret's The Knight Loke
Eaglespur King Cobra
Eaglespur Rapid Fire
Eaglespur King Cup
Megellan Northern Light
Megellan Blade Runner
Alvediston Eclipse At Megellan
X-Pected Dine Mites Idun Ingensdotr
But's Charming Ruffians Nobody Is Perfect
Fanatic's Zirkon
Gadkey's Mistery
Kimblewick Queen Sandra
Kimblewick I See A Comet
Kimblewick Just For Me
Quixol Persephene Tsarping
Digelsa Dictator
Galchris Millennium Falcon
Keyline Glory Boy At Galchris
Mahratta Mystique At Galchris
Digelsa Dynasty
Digelsa Don The One
Digelsa Double Wammy
Quixol Pandora
Brookstram Marcus Banks
Brookstream Beamish
Brookstream Becharmed
Quixol Betony
Eaglespur Noble Archer
Quixol Bryony

For more information about our uppcoming litter, please contact us on
or 0047 977 18 158

 ♡ - Kennel Tsar-Ping

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