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Letohallen - 28.12.2015 - Norway ♡

Manchester Terrier
Judge: Francisco Salvador Janeiro, Portugal

Junior Class - Male Tsar-Ping's Third Edition Idefix:VG

Junior Class - Female Tsar-Ping's Third Edition X-Amalia:Excellent, CQ, CAC and second best female.

Veteran Class - Female Tsar-Ping's Uma Thurman: Excellent, CQ, BOB Veteran and BOS

Manchester Terrier Puppy
Judge: Francisco Salvador Janeiro, Portugal

6-9 months - Female
Tsar-Ping's Big Bang Vår: Excellent and BOB puppy

♡ 27.01.2011 - 27.12.2015 ♡

Life is not fair ♡ Today we had to say goodbye to one of our greatest love ♡ Our beloved Black Idol's Demi Moore  ♡
She lost the fight against AIHA (Autoimmune Hemolytic Anemia) She will always be remembered as the dog with the biggest heart ♡ And the loss will be large ♡ Dog heaven has a new angel ♡ ♡♡♡♡
In her life she achieved alot of things ♡ She became International Champion Nordic Champion Norwegian Champion Swedish Champion Danish Champion European Puppy Winner 2011 Copenhagen Winner 2013
And she finished this year with 2 titles and achieved to become Denmark's most winning dog Copenhagen Winner 2015
Danish Winner 2015
Danish Breed Winner 2015

She also got to become a mother of 5 puppies in her life ♡
Where we have 2 Norwegian Junior Winners 2015 and 1 Nordic Junior Winner 2015.

She will not longer be together with us, but always in our hearts


♡ - Kennel Tsar-Ping

Merry Christmas and A Happy New Year ♡

- ♡ Kennel Tsar-Ping

Nordic Winner 2015 ♡

This year was Nordic Winner in Stockholm, Sweden And we are very happy with our results ♡
Manchester Terrier Judge: Liz-Beth C Liljeqvist, Sweden

Veteran Class - Male
Tsar-Ping's Garm: Excellent, CQ, 3 best male and Nordic Veteran Winner 2015
Junior Class - Female
Tsar-Ping's Blasting Rock Saga: VG
Tsar-Ping's Third Edition X-Amalia: Excellent, CQ, CAC, 2 best female and Nordic Junior Winner 2015
Open Class - Female
Tsar-Ping's Luna von Election: Excellent
Champion Class - Female
Tsar-Ping's Roller Coaster Sigyn: Excellent, CQ, CACIB, BOS and Nordic Winner 2015
and NEW INTERNATIONAL CHAMPION, Siggi is our 11th International Champion from our breeding!
Veteran Class - Female
Tsar-Ping's Gyda: Excellent, CQ, BOB Veteran and Nordic Veteran Winner 2015
Breeding Class
Kennel Tsar-Ping: Price of hounor

Our Nordic Junior Winner
Our Nordic Veteran Winners

Our Nordic Winner

♡ - Kennel Tsar-Ping