Friday, 6 February 2015

Canis Donna ♡

Today our beloved Donna (Canis Donna) is 2 years old ♡

Donna is a sweet girl with lots of energy.
We welcomed her in our kennel 16. July 2014
She is not so fond of exhibits, but we hope it improves with time.
We have Donna on breeding terms

Her pedigree:
Canis Donna
Renn Chesters Manzico
Eaglespur Mandolin
Eaglespur Meteor
Eaglespur Matador Lad
Eaglespur Mystery Dawn
Eaglespur Mistress Sharp
Eaglespur Faithful Edward
Eaglespur Mystery Dawn
Renn Chesters Henna
Windypark Greenwith Envy
Windypark Read My Lips
Windypark Devilish Grin
Renn Chesters Eye O' Dark Era
Eaglespur King Cobra
Björkstadens Black Jasmin
Tibouchina's Zuchi
Donald Von Brandwies
Fanatic's Triumph
Bellbrock Corduroy Quest
Fanatic's Rose
Cybele Of Cottonopolis
Anfion Of Cottonopolis
Astraea Of Cottonopolis
Right On Line Bello'na
Exlibris Aluzja
Ambassador Aluzja
Ayke Brandwies
Tibouchina's Cascade Kiss
Björkstadens Lucifer Black
All My Loving

We hope that we can have a litter on her in 2016/2017
Head shot of her

♡ - Kennel Tsar-Ping

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