Wednesday, 25 February 2015

4 weeks old ♡

Our little puppies are now 4 weeks old ♡
And we are starting to explore the big world outside our puppy crate.

Now we are exploring every corner of our big room.
And our curiosity are becoming bigger and bigger as the days goes by.
We have also got our puppy teeth so mommy doesn't like it when we are getting milk.
Soon we are moving moves down in the living room during the day

The puppies ♡

Male ♡
Tsar-Ping's Blasting Rock Neo (Blue Collar)
From 770 grams to 940 grams

Female 1 ♡
(Red Collar)
From 776 grams to 903 grams

Female 2 ♡
(Green Collar)
From 861 grams to 1051 grams

Female 3 ♡
(Purple Collar)
From 786 grams to 972 grams


If you want to know more about this litter ♡
Or our puppies plans for summer / fall 2015 or the year 2016

Please contact us on: or 0047 977 18 158

♡ - Kennel Tsar-Ping

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