Wednesday, 4 February 2015

1 week old ♡

Today our puppies are 1 week old ♡
 And is putting on good weight this week.

 From 223 grams to 405 grams

Female 1
 From 250 grams to 422 grams

Female 2
 From 215 grams to 456 grams

Female 3
 From 228 grams to 406 grams

Due to cancellation, we have a female for sale

Tibouchina's Jailhouse Rock
Kazkei Starr Dancer
Gadkey's Moondancer
Bellbrock Gambling Man
Sophyla Sunshine Of Gadkey
Kazkei Rising Starr
Elimbari Starmaster
Elimbari Who Darees Wins
Clever & Smart Cathy Vom Pokerface
Dario Von Der Beckrather Muehle
Bellbrock Corduroy Quest
Dutchess v Oranienstein
Black Bandits Cosma Shiwa
Eaglespur Centurion
Umbra Von Der Beckrather Muehle
Tsar-Ping's Roller Coaster Sigyn
Tibouchina's Billion Dollar Baby
Moonshadows James At The Zoo
Aireworth Indiana Jones With Keyline
Moonshadows Rider's Pepsi Free
Tibouchina's Noblesse Nordica
Kimblewick Quick Step
Tibouchina's Dancing Queen
Tsar-Ping's A Secret Priya
Ridgefaret's The Knight Loke
Eaglespur King Cobra
Megellan Northern Light
X-Pected Dine Mites Idun Ingensdotr
But's Charming Ruffians Nobody Is Perfect
Kimblewick Queen Sandra

For more information about this litter, please contact us on
or 0047 977 18 158

 ♡ - Kennel Tsar-Ping

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