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4 weeks old ♡

Now it has been a while since we uploaded some new pictures of the puppies ♡
We have also the great news that all of Demi - Miro puppies are sold.
And they will have good new homes to go too in the middle of January 15.
Also the puppies have grown so much so now they are big enough to have collar on. So now they have the color Red - Blue - Purple - Green. The smallest puppy has a weight at  1484 grams and the biggest have weight at 1745 grams. All the puppies have gotten a daily name. The boys will have the daily names: Idefix and Tex. The girls will have the daily names: Pixie and Amalia.
Red Female ♡
Blue Male ♡

Purple Female ♡

Green Male♡

Here are some other pictures of the puppies:

♡ - Kennel Tsar-Ping