Friday, 14 November 2014

Lillestrøm - Norwegian winner - 14.11.2014 - Norway

Today we where at one of Norway's biggest dogshow!
The Norwegian winner show 2014

Here are today's results:

English Toy Terrier
Judge: Petter Fodstad, Norway
Tsar-Ping's Dream Ellih Of Norway "Ellih"
Very promising and second best 6-9 month bitch.

 Tsar-Ping's Down Under Sydney "Xai":
Very Good
Tsar-Ping's James Dean "James":
Very Good
Tsar-Ping's Down Under Adelaide "Kaysa":
Very Good
Manchester Terrier 
Judge: Colm Hastings, Ireland

 Tsar-Ping's Touch Of Miracle Odin "Odin":
Excellent and second best open male.
Tsar-Ping's Touch Of Miracle Balder "Balder"
 Excellent, CQ, Reserve CACIB and second best male.
 Email To Tsar-Ping Aluzja "Emil":
Excellent, CQ and third best champion male.
Tsar-Ping's Garm "Garm":
 Excellent: CQ and third best male, and BOS VETERAN and NVV-14
 Quixol Persephene Tsarping "Tara":
 Excellent, CQ and fourth best bitch.
Tsar-Ping's A Secret Priya "Py":
 Excellent, CQ, CACIB and second best bitch.
Tsar-Ping's Roller Coaster Sigyn "Siggi":
Excellent, CQ, Reserve CACIB and third best bitch.
And now Norwegian, Swedish, Danish and Nordic Champion
 Tsar-Ping's A Secret Jane "Jane":
Excellent and second best open bitch.
Tsar-Ping's Gyda "Gyda":
Excellent and fourth best veteran bitch.
Tsar-Ping's Uma Thurman "Uma"
Excellent and third best veteran bitch.
Tsar-Ping's Safi "Safi"
Excellent and second best veteran bitch.
Breeding group: With Balder, Garm, Py and Siggi.
Honor price.

On Sunday it will be a new show and this time it is The Nordic winner 2014

- Kennel Tsar-Ping 

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