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Letohallen - 26.10.2014 - Norway

Todaywe were at day 2 of the dogshow inEidsvoll,Norway Today we where showing our English Toy Terrier male James and Manchester Terrier puppy Varg For judge Wenche Eikeseth from Norway. And we are SO happy with today's results! ♡
Here are today's results:
English Toy Terrier - Adults: Tsar-Ping's James Dean: Excellent, CK, CAC and BOB Critique: Excellenttype, verywellbodywith goodproportions.
Verygood head,tightnicetopline,good bodyand angles.Moves well. Manchester Terrier - Puppies: Tsar-Ping's One And Only Varg: Excellent and BOB PUPPY Critique: Verypromising, wellbody,good head,goodangles,coat and color.
Also our Tsar-Ping's Niri Lokesson Ygdrasil's daughter was showed today. Hillstones Black Magic Dizzy: Excellent and BOS PUPPY
Cheerful andlively,good body,goodhead.
Good proportionsin the body,mustget somemorefur.Moves well. Group results: Tsar-Ping's One And Only Varg  Placed as BOG 2♡ For judge Wenche Eikeseth from Norway. Here are pictures of the puppies:

Letohallen - 25.10.2014 - Norway

Todaywe were ata dogshow inEidsvoll,Norway Today we only showed our English Toy Terriers. For judge Hans Lehtinen from Finland.
Here are today's results:
English Toy Terrier - Puppy: Tsar-Ping's Dream Ellih Of Norway: Excellent, best 6 -9 month puppy and second best puppy.
English Toy Terrier - Adults: Tsar-Ping's James Dean: Excellent and best open male
Also our Tsar-Ping's James Dean's daughter was showed today. Adora Annabelle: Excellent and second best 4-6 month puppy
Tomorrow there are a new dog show. And we are showing James (ETT) and Varg (MT puppy) So we cross our fingers for tomorrow

Post hunting in Sarpsborg

In connection with the fact that our town is 1000 years in 2016.
Has it been released posts to hunt all around the town,
And we in Kennel Tsar-Ping has of course joined this event.  In app store or google play we can download an app that have a map on all the post. In all the posts there are two digits and a number. The number to tell us which post it is and the number is so we can delete the post from the app.
It is a funny way for us too go out with our dogs. For exploring our own town in a new way.
We will keep you updating from our trips from this hunt.