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English Toy Terrier puppies are born!

On 23. April 2014 gave Neverland Uluru Jillaroo birth to four puppies. three girls and one boy The father of the litter are Adaliro's Zebastian Moore.

Neverland Uluru Jillaroo "Jill"

Adaliro's Zebastian Moore "Aron"

Manchester Terrier puppy is born!

On 12. April 2014 gave Black Idol's Demi Moore birth to one baby boy. The father of the litter are Tsar-Ping's Garm from our own breeding. The puppy is a strong and healthy boy who has gotten the name Varg.

INT NORD UCH KBHV-13 Black Idol's Demi Moore
INT NORD UCH SEV-10 DKV-10 KBHV-10 Tsar-Ping's Garm