Monday, 4 November 2013

Puppy love ♡

Tomorrow, Py and Emil's puppies are 8 weeks old!
The time has flown..
And already on Thursday Alex is moving to his new home.
And on Saturday Luna is moving to her new home.
And the house will be empty of puppies, and and the days can return to normal...
It's quite weird that 8 weeks has flown so fast..
It's seems like yesterday when the puppies were born.
And Py became a mother for her second time.

Here are some pictures from our little photoshoot of the puppies taken yesterday.
Enjoy  ♡
Alex - Tsar-Ping's Alex von Election is the male puppy in the orange collar
Luna - Tsar-Ping's Luna von Election is the female puppy in the pink collar

Luna is getting a sip milk from mommy

As you might see, it's not easy to take pictures of tiny puppies

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