Monday, 11 November 2013

2 years old today ♡

Today our litter 7 after Jill and Theo is 2 years old
Our very first English Toy Terrier litter
And they got the fancy birth date 11.11.11 
Who is SO easy to remember
It came 2 boys and 1 girl.

Both they boys lives in Norway.
But the sweet little girl moved all the way to Poland.

Here are the tiny cute little bunch:
 Edwin to the left - Moona in the back - James on the right

To date many of you have received some great titles.
But most important for us, a family who loves you guys, unconditional.

Tsar-Ping's James Dean
Who lives in Sarpsborg, Norway with Kathe Andreassen.
James do we have on breeding therms.
He got the following titles:
Danish Junior Winner 2012
He is missing to CAC in Norway to become Norwegian Champion.
He also got 1 CACIB in Norway
He got 1 CAC and 1 CACIB in Sweden
He got 1 CAC and 1 CACIB in Denmark.

Tsar-Ping's Moona Lisa
Who lives in Sarpsborg, Norway with Kathe Andreassen.
Moona lives in Kennel Aluzja
And is the VERY FIRST English Toy Terrier in Poland!
She got the following titles:
European Junior Champion
Poland Junior Champion
Poland Club Winner 
Europa Junior Winner 12

Tsar-Ping's Edwin Hubble
Who lives in Oslo, Norway with Charlotte Hatlen.
He got the following achievement:
Junior Crufts qualified  2012

Here are some pictures of the cute little bunch:

James and Edwin

James when his ears was going up and the first is standing up

James is cutting claws

On the day Moona left Norway

Both ears up!


James with his father Theo

James with his parents, Jill in the front - Theo on the left - James to the right

Four generations! From left: Theo - Norah - Marilyn - James

Four generations:
James: Tsar-Ping's James Dean (Son of Theo)
Theo: Narjana's Absolut Theo (Son of Norah)
Norah: X-Pected Dine Mites Norah Narjana (Daughter of Marilyn)
Marilyn: Fwaggles Some Like It Hot


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