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Results from today's show at NKK Int show at Dogs4all at Lillestrøm
Manchester Terrier:
Tsar-Ping's Roller Coaster Miro: Excellent and second best junior Email To Tsar Ping's Aluzja: Excellent, CK and 6 best male Tsar-Ping's Touch Of Miracle Balder: Excellent and second best open male Tsar-Ping's Garm: Excellent, CK and third best male
Tsar-Ping's Roller Coaster Sigyn: Excellent and second best junior female Quixol Persephene Tsarping: Excellent, CK, CAC and 5 best female AND NORWEGIAN JUNIOR WINNER 2013! Tsar-Ping's Roller Coaster Leia: Very Good and third best junior female Tsar-Ping's A Secret Jane: Excellent and best open female  Tsar-Ping's Yggdrasil Tyra: Excellent, CK and 4 best female Black Idol's Demi: Excellent, CK and second best female Tsar-Ping's Gyda: Excellent and 5 best champion female Tsar-Ping's Uma Thurman: Excellent and 6 best champion female
Breeding group: Kennel Tsar-Ping with: Tsar-Ping's Garm Tsar-Ping'…

2 years old today ♡

Today our litter 7 after Jill and Theo is 2 years old ♡ Our very first English Toy Terrier litter ♡ And they got the fancy birth date 11.11.11  Who is SO easy to remember ♡ It came 2 boys and 1 girl.
Both they boys lives in Norway. But the sweet little girl moved all the way to Poland.
Here are the tiny cute littlebunch:  Edwin to the left - Moona in the back - James on the right

To date many of you have received some great titles. But most important for us, a family who loves you guys, unconditional.
Tsar-Ping's James Dean "James" Who lives in Sarpsborg, Norway with Kathe Andreassen. James do we have on breeding therms. He got the following titles: Danish Junior Winner 2012 He is missing to CAC in Norway to become Norwegian Champion. He also got 1 CACIB in Norway He got 1 CAC and 1 CACIB in Sweden And He got 1 CAC and 1 CACIB in Denmark.
Tsar-Ping's Moona Lisa "Moona" Who lives in Sarpsborg, Norway with Kathe Andreassen. Moona lives in Kennel Aluzja And is the VERY …

Tsar-Ping's Luna von Election

Then Luna has moved to her new home in Time ,Rogaland, Norway. Her new owner is: Arve and Rebekka Obrestad Here is a small flashback on Luna's time in our house:
She was born at 09:35pm and weight 228 grams 

We wish Luna, Arve and Rebekka good luck <3

Tsar-Ping's Alex von Election

Then Alex has moved to his new home in Torslanda, Sweden. His new owner is: Stina Hoogendjik Here is a small flashback on Alex's time in our house:
He was born at 10:40pm and weight 242 grams And were the only male. 

We wish Alex and Stina good luck <3

Veterinary check

Today we havebeen to the vet.
becausethepuppies are 8 weeks old and soon is going to their new homes.
Butalso becauseJillhassustained aminor injury.
To start with the puppies: Both Luna and Alex was cleared by the vet ♡ Both were perfect in all matters  All teeth, hurt perfect, lung capacity perfect,  As the vet said: it is absolutely wonderful to get your puppies inn to their health check, they are absolutely perfect every single time. And itwarmsa breeder'sheart ♡
Then it was Jill's minor injury ♡
She got a little cut on her paw, which resultedtotwostitchesand bandaging.
So she has to take it easy in some weeks.
But it doesen't seem like it hurts, so thats good.