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7 weeks

Today the puppies for Py and Emil is 7 weeks old. And it's only 1 week and some days until the puppies goes to their new homes.
Tsar-Ping's Alex von Election  moving to Torslanda, Sweden
Tsar-Ping's Luna von Election moving to Lye, Rogaland, Norway

Tsar-Ping's Down Under Adelaide "Kaysa"

Yesterday Tsar-Ping's Down Under Adelaide "Kaysa" where on her very first exhibition, together with her she had her lovely handler Maia. And they where ready to go inside the showing ring  for the very first time.
Kaysa showed her self from a great side! An guess what!? She became BOB PUPPY with Excellent.
We are so proud of both Kaysa and Maia. And thank you to judge Anne Tove Strande for thinking so highly of our breeding.
Pictures from the day:

Owner: Stine Rønbeck / Maia Rønbeck Johansen Breeder: Kennel Tsar-Ping, Eva and Trond Yssen

Py's litter (our litter 10)

Todaywe weighedthe puppies toPyandEmil. And they have really grown. Tsar-Ping's Alex von Election 1415 g - 49.913 oz Tsar-Ping's Luna von Election 1640 g - 57.849 oz and it's only 3 weeks until they will see the big world! Alex who is moving to our neighbor country Sweden about 2 hours from us. and Luna who is moving to Time, Rogaland in Norway about 7 hours from us.

Alex is the puppy with the orange collar and Luna is the puppy with the pink collar
snuggling with mom Py

5 weeks

Todaythe puppiestoEmilandPy5 weeksold.

You havemaledog who have gotten thenameAlex
Andyou have thebitch who have gotten thename Luna  Tsar-Ping's Alex von Election "Alex" 
Alex is moving to Torslanda, Sweden

Tsar-Ping's Luna von Election "Luna"
Luna is moving to Rogaland, Norway

The puppies parents are:

Email To Tsar-Ping's Aluzja


 Tsar-Ping's A Secret Priya

It's only 3 weeks until the puppies moves to their new home!